Corporate Social Responsibility

Since our first day in business more than 25 years ago, we have committed to giving back to our communities through investments of time, talent, and resources. Through our philanthropic pursuits and our focus on sustainability, we hope to create a better environment in which our global employees and neighbors work and live. In all our efforts, we strive to keep our key areas of focus at the forefront: operating with integrity, engaging our employees, supporting our communities, and protecting our environment.

Operating with Integrity
ScanSource abides by a set of Core Values—values that are instilled in each employee on day one of his or her tenure at ScanSource. It’s these values that form the foundation of who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

Engaging Our Employees and Supporting Our Communities
We not only encourage our employees to donate their time and resources to the communities in which we live and work, we also enable them to find organizations that need assistance and support. The ScanSource Charitable Foundation provides opportunities for employees to have a positive impact by sharing their talents. The Foundation, overseen by ScanSource employees, devotes 100% of its funds to improving the lives of children, fostering better education, and enhancing our communities. In 2018 alone, employees volunteered more than 2,000 hours of their time to serve others. More than 95 organizations, from local schools and colleges to shelters and hospitals, were the recipients of the care and compassion that percolate from the ScanSource team.

In addition to engaging our employees on a philanthropic level, we also provide a comprehensive wellness program for them, aimed at providing support in all aspects of their lives medically, emotionally, and financially. The healthier our employees are holistically, the happier they are both inside and outside the office.

Protecting Our Environment
With a large global footprint of more than 2,600 employees in 49 offices across the United States, Europe, and Latin America, we are aware of our impact on the environment. We take steps every day to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our sustainability efforts. A corporate-wide recycling program, an electric-vehicle charging station, and other waste-reduction programs are instrumental in our continued efforts to protect the environment. Our Southaven, MS Distribution Center successfully recycled almost 96% of all waste generated in 2017, including cardboard, stretch film, metal, mixed paper, and electronic waste. And in our Greenville, SC headquarters, our recycling program has resulted in approximately three tons of waste being recycled on average each month. We will continue developing initiatives, such as these, that positively affect our ecosystem.

Please read our Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report.